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Why Transitioning Online Is Easier Than You Think

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Jun 4, 2015 1:11:00 PM
Topics: Higher Ed, K-12, online bookstore

Why Going Online Is Easier Than You Think

The possibility of transitioning to an online bookstore can be a scary one for some. While you’ve heard all about the potential benefits they provide, handing that responsibility over to someone you aren’t necessarily familiar with isn’t always an easy thing to do.

But maybe that’s not necessarily true. Maybe the transition to an online bookstore isn’t necessarily difficult. In fact, it could be easier than you originally thought. Here’s some advantages to going online:

Going Online is Easier Than You Think

Less Manual Labor

An online bookstore no longer requires you to spend long hours unpacking, organizing and shelving your bookstore. You can let an textbook vendor handle all of the heavy lifting and tedium of shipping books while you come up with other plans on how to use your time and space.

Ability to Reconfigure Space

After you’ve switched to an online bookstore, it’s time to decide what you want to do with that space. The beauty of the situation is that you are free to do essentially anything you want. If you want to keep it as a store and sell school-themed items, you can do so, or if you want to turn it into a student lounge, that’s a possibility as well. It’s up to you.

Convenience for Customers

No longer will students or parents have to take time from their daily routine to visit it you during your open hours. With an online bookstore, they can go on and access their accounts at their convenience, any day or time.

Reallocation of Time

At many schools, the person or people that run the bookstore are often dividing their time between that and other responsibilities. Taking away the time-consuming responsibility of managing the bookstore can have a significant positive impact on the workload of those faculty members.

Bigger Variety of Options for Your Students

A lot of in-house simply don’t have the space or the budget to give their students and parents every purchasing option that they want. By outsourcing your books to a textbook vendor, you can connect your students to a larger, more diverse inventory than you would likely ever be able to provide them.

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Joe Clarkin is a former copywriter at MBS. When he’s not working or studying, you’re most likely to find him reading a book or watching a game.

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