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Why Course Packs May Be a Perfect Fit

Posted by Kate Seat on Apr 1, 2015 11:00:00 PM
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In your institution, how much of each adopted text actually gets used for its respective class? While the answer will certainly vary, for those cases where the required textbooks are underutilized, it may be time to consider alternative course materials. For some classes, adopting a course pack could be a better fit.

What is a course pack?

shutterstock_66012874A course pack is an assembled collection of copyrighted materials, selected to provide a tailored resource for a course in lieu of or in addition to traditional textbooks. Course packs can range from the length of a pamphlet to hundreds of pages long, and are available in print or digital format (or a combination of the two) with a unique ISBN.

Why choose a course pack?

The most common reasons to adopt course packs include the following:

To save students money.

While the retail price varies (depending on the selected materials), course packs present a cost-effective alternative and can be considerably less expensive than a comparable standard textbook.

To provide a fine-tuned resource.

Because the instructor chooses exactly which materials to include, the text will be more relevant to the course. Decreasing the amount of underutilized sections provides a better value for students and a more useful learning tool.

How it works:

It's easier than you think! MBS Direct works in partnership with XanEdu and LAD Custom Publishing to streamline the process of selecting or creating the right pack to fit each course. Instructors can browse through already available custom books that have been authored by faculty all over the world, or explore expansive collections of licensed content items to develop into a new compilation. In addition to choosing from existing materials, your instructors can add their own content or create an entirely original resource. XanEdu provides services to help curate and select the right content to enhance each course, and both companies ensure that all rights are cleared for the length of the school term or for an otherwise specified time period.

Contact your account manager (or email us) for more information today!

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