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Why Choose a Private School Education?

Posted by Kate Seat on Dec 8, 2016 5:30:00 AM
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For many families, the decision to enroll their children in a private institution is based on factors ranging from a desire for a specific type of learning environment to the advantages private school can provide as a precursor to higher education.

Some of the benefits of a private school education include:

Smaller Class Size

The student-to-teacher ratio tends to be smaller at private schools, offering more opportunity for individualized attention, increased supervision and additional academic assistance available when needed. This enhanced supervision provides a greater sense of security to families regarding their children’s safety, and encourages students to focus on achieving more with their studies.

An Advanced Curriculum

Private schools also offer opportunities to concentrate on specialized areas, as well as a wider variety of course options. For children with special needs or specific learning styles, private schools also offer teachers with both the appropriate training and time to devote to helping each child learn in the way that suits them best.

Balanced Programs

For many private schools classwork is only part of the equation. Major factors in a complete education include extracurricular activities like athletics, the fine arts and social clubs. The excellent facilities and dedicated staff at many private schools produce champion athletes or boast award-winning extracurricular programs and clubs.

More Parental Involvement

In addition to helping to fund the school itself, which frees it from many limitations associated with federal or state funding, many private schools ask parents to participate in the active life of their campus. From field trips to class presentations, many families become a frequent part of their students' learning and extracurricular environments.

Focus on Religious Beliefs

For families who choose schools that are faith-based, having an emphasis on spirituality and prayer can be an integral part of what they wish for their children.

Private School Education is Worth More

Investing in a private school education can come with a significant price tag. Most institutions offer financial aid to offset the cost of tuition, but the expense can still be considerable. One way to reduce the amount families have to spend out-of-pocket is by keeping course materials affordable. There are several ways to accomplish this, and it all starts with your faculty.

7 Ways Faculty Can Make Course Materials More Affordable

Choose digital. Offering digital options will lighten the physical impact on your students, as well as provide savings of up to 80 percent and the convenience of being able to study wherever they are.

Create a course pack. Including only the material that will be covered in the course  — and also only charging for that material — can save your families a considerable amount and result in course materials that are more relevant. And it's easy to get started.

Adopt new and used (rather than just new). Providing multiple purchasing options can help your families save more, especially when they have access to a wide selection of used titles.

Explore OERs. Supplementing existing course materials with additional resources like videos, selections from magazines or journals or other low-cost or free materials can enrich your curriculum without a significant cost increase. 

Adopt an older version. Unless there have been major changes to the material, consider whether a new edition is necessary. Choosing to continue with an older edition will allow families to have more opportunities to purchase used versions.

Evaluate bundles carefully before adopting. While some access codes and extra materials add value to your curriculum, check with your teachers to make sure that the components of any adopted bundles will actually be used in the course — otherwise, it may be more cost-effective to choose a textbook without auxiliary materials.

Turn adoptions in early or on time. When faculty members submit their adoptions on schedule, it's possible to gauge what quantities will be needed for the next term. This means that families receive more for their books when they sell them back, and that they will have more opportunities to purchase used versions of the books they need for the next year.


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