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Posted by Dean Asher on Nov 19, 2014 10:00:00 PM
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Earlier, we introduced you to our COO, Bill Dampier, who invited you to come “Behind the Books” and meet the team at MBS Direct. Now, we’ve got even more folks for you to get to know. You'll learn more about what it takes to get our partner schools the course materials they need and how our dedicated teams keep this process on track, all year-round.


We hope you enjoyed watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them. Here are just a few of the behind-the-scenes moments when hilarity ensued.





As the landscape of education changes, digital materials are on the rise. Find out how General Manager Josh Wheatley and his team can help your school evolve with these changes, in the way best suited to your institution's needs.




Customer Service

Did you know that our Customer Contact Center answers up to 100,000 calls and emails a month? Meet Andrea Kanevsky, the Contact Center's workforce management analyst. She's responsible for setting the staffing levels to ensure that your questions are answered as quickly as possible.





Does your school utilize all the free marketing materials available to you? (If not, check out some of your options here.) Meet one of the folks responsible for helping you keep your students informed about events in your Virtual Bookstore. Graphic Designer Devin Rogers is a long-time team member who also happens to have some sweet moves on the basketball court.





One of the most important steps for getting the right books in the right hands is making sure this happens on time, and our Distribution and Fulfillment departments make this possible. Get to know ASR Supervisor Isaac Stroupe and find out what keeps him motivated at work, and in his free time.





If you’ve started a term with MBS Direct, you’ve already met Implementation Manager Rachell Oliver’s awesome team. See what they do to make sure our partners’ Virtual Bookstores are in tip-top shape for a smooth first term.




Our Acquisitions and Inventory staff maintain over 1 million titles in our database to ensure students receive the right books exactly when they need them. Find out how Retail Database Supervisor Blair Kniptash and her sweet-toothed team keep our database up to date.



Account Management

Who do you call when you need a hand? Learn more about our dedicated account managers, starring Account Manager and golf aficionado Kent Hulett.






About Dean Asher

Dean Asher is a former copywriter with MBS. Though he no longer writes for us, he is still proud of having helped this blog continue to evolve as an industry-leading resource of news and original content.

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