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WCS Guides Its Students Toward an Increasingly Digital Future

Posted by Dean Asher on Aug 11, 2015 5:00:00 AM
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Western Christian Schools knows what it’s like to blaze trails and create a better learning environment for its students. Founded in 1920, WCS became among the first Christian schools in California, and over the years has evolved to serve a diverse enrollment of more than 1,000 local and international pre-K through 12th grade students at two campuses and through its independent satellite homeschool program.


Because of the wide age range and number of places students were located, WCS needed an online fulfillment solution to get course materials to families.

So when WCS officials felt the level of service to the school and its families was on the decline, they took action. After researching and interviewing different potential providers, WCS partnered with MBS Direct as their course material fulfillment solution.

“We decided to make the change after working with our previous provider for the past two years, with no improvement to quality of services,” said Laura Nelson, Vice Principal and International Program Director of Western Christian High School. “We want the best for our families, and believe that MBS Direct will offer quality service at fair prices.”

The transition to MBS Direct comes in time for the school’s new “Bring Your Own Device” policy. WCS will also begin implementing a learning management system to provide students access to teacher notes, lectures and learning materials.

MBS Direct’s extensive digital catalog and LMS integrations made it a good choice for the school.

“In keeping with the times, technology is an integral ingredient in teaching and learning,” Nelson said. “We feel that allowing students to use the device of their choosing we are offering a more realistic approach: students in college and university settings use a variety of devices and we want our students to be as prepared for the future as possible. Our goal is to be able to provide more digital options for textbooks.”

That eye on the future and preparing its students for college has helped WCS enjoy a 100-percent graduation rate, with 97 percent of its students going on to attend the colleges or universities of their choice. Through its partnership with a number of major K-12 publishers — including several that focus on Christian textbooks and course materials — MBS Direct is able to help WCS in its mission to foster its students’ educational and spiritual growth.

“The [MBS Direct Online Bookstore] seems to be easier and more intuitive than what our former supplier provided," Nelson said. "Our hope is that MBS Direct will deliver a superior product with excellent customer service, and will be responsive to our families' needs. “

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