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Wabash College Puts Books Where Students Shop: Online

Posted by Dean Asher on Sep 19, 2016 5:00:00 AM
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As a liberal arts college for men with about 910 full-time students, Wabash College has been educating students in the Crawfordsville, Indiana area since 1832. But although they've had their own on-campus bookstore for much of that time, dwindling sales in an increasingly digital world forced the school to consider alternatives. After a visit to Hampden-Sydney College for an athletic event, College President Gregg Hess observed there were no books on the shelves at the campus store, and learned how effective an online course material store could be.

Beginning this fall term, Wabash College opened its Online Bookstore to offer students the option to purchase or rent their course materials with more convenience and greater cost savings. Kim Johnson, director of communications and marketing for Wabash College, wrote this release to explore the college's decision and what they are looking forward to about the coming terms.

Wabash College Puts Books Where Students Shop: Online

Beginning this fall, the Wabash College Bookstore will offer online textbook ordering. The Bookstore has partnered with MBS Direct to offer a new, convenient, and low-cost way to purchase, rent, and return textbooks.

Tom Keedy, Director of Business Auxiliaries said, “We surveyed students and found only one-third of them used the Bookstore as their initial source for textbook purchasing.”

The new service will allow students to order textbooks 24/7 from any computer or hand-held device. The site allows students to compare new and used prices, and before purchasing a textbook see how much they will receive if they use MBS for book buy-back at the end of the semester.

In addition to new and used pricing, students will also have the option of “going to the marketplace” to purchase directly from other users often at drastically reduced prices.

“We think students will really like the new options,” said Keedy. “After talking with students, we worked with people both on campus and off to come up with a great solution.”

The Bookstore hopes to move all textbook sales online by Fall 2017. However, the bookstore will continue to carry course packets and other course compilations not carried online.

Kim Johnson, Wabash.Edu
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