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Why eCommerce Is Here to Stay

Posted by Liz Schulte on Mar 7, 2017 5:30:00 AM

Everywhere you look there is another article espousing the benefits of eCommerce. The reasons why are fairly simple to see: eCommerce is impressive in its capabilities, it is growing while physical stores have declining traffic and it lowers costs.

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Go Mobile – It’s Where Your Students Are - (Part 2)

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Feb 24, 2017 5:30:00 AM

Yesterday we learned about the 222 million people in the United States carrying smartphones and how more of them are making major purchases from their devices. Of the $160 billion being spent from smartphones in 2017, how easy will it be for students to purchase course materials while they are on the go?

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Go Mobile – It’s Where Your Students Are - (Part 1)

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Feb 23, 2017 5:30:00 AM

318 million people live in the United States and more than 222 million of them are carrying a smartphone. No longer used for simply making phone calls, the cellular phone is also a personal hub for communication, entertainment and eCommerce. In 2017, US consumers will spend more than $160 billion from their mobile phone. How easy will it be for them to buy course materials from their phone?

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Annual Meeting Outlines New Enhancements and Security Measures

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Oct 21, 2016 3:30:00 PM

The MBS annual sales meeting took place in Columbia, Mo., October 18-20. Highlights included the unveiling of a new online bookstore, enhancements to the MBS Systems with security and ease of use in mind and more digital solutions designed to keep costs down and course materials in student’s hands on time.

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Blended Learning Helps More Students Learn, Quicker

Posted by Dean Asher on Jun 2, 2016 5:00:00 AM

It seems that experts and organizations worldwide all have their ideas of what the education of tomorrow will look like — and they seldom agree. While our notions of the evolving roles of technology in the classroom may change rapidly, everyone does agree that tech will play a pivotal part in the both ways we teach and our students learn. Schools like Innovations Early College High School in Salt Lake City are starting to adopt more of these blended learning methods, which some may call "School 2.0," to help offer students in a classroom setting a flexible way to learn at their own pace. Check out what Education Dive has to say:

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How Video Chat Has Transformed the Admissions Process

Posted by Dean Asher on Feb 17, 2016 4:30:00 AM

Finding the right students to attend your institution will always be a challenge, but in some ways, it's never been easier. Technology can immediately put us in touch with prospective students who we may never have been able to reach and recruit even a few years ago.

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Is Screen Time Really Such a Big Deal?

Posted by Dean Asher on Feb 4, 2016 9:11:46 AM

Teachers and parents alike find themselves worrying more and more about "screen time," or how much time a day their students spend looking at screens vs. looking at just about anything else.

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Which Strategy is Preferable: Bring-Your-Own-Device or Device Specific?

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Dec 8, 2015 4:00:00 AM

Technology has permeated into almost every walk of life. These days, no matter where you go, nearly every room you walk through either provides access to the web or contains a web-connected device. The ubiquity of modern technology extends to our classrooms and students’ homes as well. And that is the reason we are seeing more and more schools implement programs that bring modern devices like laptops and tablets into their classrooms.

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The 3 Top Ed Tech Tips to Use in Your School

Posted by Dean Asher on Apr 22, 2015 12:00:00 AM

With rapid advances and a potential high cost of implementation, educational technology can seem daunting for school administrators. And while that may be the case, experts agree that using ed tech the right way can help prepare your students for a world where tech is ubiquitous. EdTechReview has offered some great tips, testimonials and resources that you can use in your school. We've compiled their top three here, but check the full list on their website.

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What Can You Discover from Adaptive Learning Technology?

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Apr 14, 2015 11:00:00 PM

There is no one-size-fits-all in education. Each individual student has different strengths and weaknesses, and everyone learns at a different pace. These days, utilizing adaptive learning techniques has become easier than ever thanks to the presence of technology that adapts to its user. So what benefits does adaptive learning technology provide to both students and teachers? Well we've included an excerpt from an article that answers exactly that question below, but we would encourage you to read through the entire post in order to see all of the different ways you and your students will see a difference.

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