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The Roads to Course Materials Adoptions

Posted by Liz Schulte on May 14, 2018 10:00:00 AM
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Timely adoptions are important to the school because they cut costs, save students money and help ensure student success by having all of the required course materials available before the start of class. The closer it gets to the end of the semester the more vital it is for faculty to make and turn in adoptions so the next semester can begin without a hitch.

The Roads to Course Materials AdoptionsThere are three basic course material adoption paths your school can take.

  1. The on-time adoption (mid-April): The bookstore receives a requisition and determines how many books will be needed. It will find the required number of books between buyback and from a wholesaler, eliminating the need to purchase expensive new copies
    - All students have access to required course materials before classes start
    - Course materials are more affordable because the cost-savings associated with early adoptions were passed along to the students
    - No backorders
    - Identifying and overcoming reasons why faculty aren’t submitting requests on time
  1. Delayed adoption (early May): The bookstore receives the requisition a little late, but still before buyback. They are able to purchase part of what they need at buyback, but wholesalers have already sold part of their supply to other schools. The bookstore has to fill the rest of the order with higher-cost new books
    - All students have access to required materials before class starts
    - No backorders
    - Course materials cost more, increasing the chances students will forgo buying textbooks because of the expense
    - Still have to identify and overcome reasons why faculty aren’t submitting requests on time
  1. Last-minute adoption (mid-August): The bookstore receives the requisition. Buyback is over, and since the store didn’t know which text was needed, it wasn’t bought. Given the late date, wholesalers have no used copies of the book available. The store orders new books from the publisher at full cost
    - Last-minute faculty hires can choose their books
    - Course materials will be the most expensive on this path since only new books are available
    - There is no guarantee the materials will make it to the bookstore in time for classes to start
    - Backorders are more likely

Communicating with faculty the real-life benefit timely adoptions have to students can make a world of difference. When everyone understands the acquisition chain of events, the perception of the task will change to the benefit of all.

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