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The Northwest School Takes a Fresh Approach to Course Materials

Posted by Liz Schulte on May 8, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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The Northwest School in Seattle, Washington, believes real learning happens outside of one’s comfort zone. Their unique and creative approach to education not only engages students, but prepares them for the rest of their lives by encouraging independent thought, analysis and sharing of ideas. Focusing on academics and arts, the faculty encourage students to take a fresh approach to problem-solving.

The Northwest School Takes a Fresh Approach to Course Materials

“We have a really strong reputation in our arts program because all of our teachers are also professional artists,” Van Nguyen, extended learning director at The Northwest School said. “We are very interdisciplinary. We weave the creativity from the arts into all of our classes, including science and humanities classes.”

Last year, The Northwest School began to transition to online book purchasing. Wanting to make the process as seamless and convenient for their families as possible, the school needed a company that could provide excellent customer service and an intuitive interface. As Seattle’s only co-ed boarding school, it has strong international and domestic programs. It is important that all students are able to have an inclusive and positive experience with their school. This philosophy extends to the manner in which they acquire their course materials.

“We were looking for a company that had a very, very good customer service rating because that’s most important to us,” Nguyen said. “We want to make sure that our parents have a very efficient and smooth process for ordering books, especially since this is new to our parents who have been with us for many years. MBS has a great reputation for that.”

With MBS Direct, customer service is available around the clock as well as eContent specialists who can answer questions about digital course materials. Support is available through phone, email or live chat, giving families multiple ways to reach someone if they have a problem or question.  Through the Online Bookstore, students have access to an expansive inventory of course materials, savings and price comparison with Marketplace, and an efficient and accurate ordering experience.

“The interface is user-friendly,” Nguyen said. “We like MBS’ interface and the accessibility to all the books. Researching and finding books is not something that we have the time to have a staff dedicated to doing on their own. It is much easier to work with a vendor such as MBS to get all of our books.”

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