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The College of Idaho Launches Online Bookstore and Stays on Campus

Posted by Dean Asher on Jan 27, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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The College of Idaho maximized savings for students and minimized staff headaches by switching to an online bookstore and keeping a physical store on campus. Students now have the right course materials and the cost-saving options they prefer, while the school can concentrate on the higher profit margin spirit gear.

Going Online

ERz627JiRXhoThe College of Idaho’s College Store manager Susan Hunsperger worked with MBS and recognized the value to both the students and her business. “Most of the kids go online anyway looking for books,” she said. “They’re dealing with a company that’s expensive to order from and there is more money spent shipping back and forth.” The College of Idaho determined the books and their formats for the upcoming terms, MBS Direct guided Hunsperger through the process of establishing an online bookstore and managing course material fulfillment, leaving the bookstore staff free to focus on their profit center.

Staying Physical

The College of Idaho tried an online solution for its spirit wear but learned its students wanted a physical experience when shopping for clothes and gear.

“It’s the now generation,” Hunsperger said. “If students have something coming up and they want something to wear, they’re not going to go online.”

Without books on the premises, the store was able to clean up inventory and ensure maximum use of their space with room to grow.

Originally posted 3/26/2015

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