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The 3 Top Ed Tech Tips to Use in Your School

Posted by Dean Asher on Apr 22, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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With rapid advances and a potential high cost of implementation, educational technology can seem daunting for school administrators. And while that may be the case, experts agree that using ed tech the right way can help prepare your students for a world where tech is ubiquitous. EdTechReview has offered some great tips, testimonials and resources that you can use in your school. We've compiled their top three here, but check the full list on their website.

7 Essential EdTech Tips for School Leaders

Image credit: EdTechReview

Tip #1

Eric Sheninger - empower teachers to use technology, don't mandate it

In this video Eric Sheninger, award-winning former principal of New Milford High School (NJ), talks about empowering teachers to use technology. He says, “Teachers must be empowered to utilize Google Doc, Twitter, Facebook. My teachers started using Edmodo independently, I am so proud; I have never asked them to use this tool. Everyone must see the value in the concept they embrace it.”

Tip #2

Education Leadership: Will Richardson at TEDxMelbourne

In this TEDx talk, Will Richardson talks about the shift that technology has brought in education.

He says this shift is going to make everyone ask this difficult question:

What is the value of school in this technological era? We don’t really need school to do school if we define school in a traditional sense like I don’t need to send my kids to learn Spanish, I don’t need to send my kids to school to learn algebra.”

I absolutely want my kids to go to school.”

But if the value of school is that it is the place where kids learn to pass a particular narrow assessment, we have a big problem. We have to think differently about what school is.”


Tip #3

Getting Started: Practical Tips for Going Digital

In this webinar, Tom Murray is joined by Rich Kiker, Kyle Pace, Tony Sinanis, and Amber Teamann as they talk about many things:

Professional Learning

Tony Sinanis: People learn best when they have the opportunity to socialize and when they have a coach or mentor, because they're with someone they can talk to and can brainstorm with.

Kyle Pace: School culture is everything in terms of using technology successfully. Leaders and administrators establish that school's tone.

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