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Streamline Adoptions With Course Director

Posted by Liz Schulte on Mar 29, 2018 5:30:00 AM
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Multitasking is a way of life, especially for teachers and administrators. Rarely are there enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do. While course materials adoptions are important for a variety of reasons, managing them often becomes one more task that takes precious hours.

Streamline Adoptions With Course DirectorTimely adoptions ensure your school is able to receive the books it needs, when it needs them, and provide students and families lower cost options. However, many schools don’t have a person dedicated to just managing adoptions and tracking down course materials. The reality is that most of those in charge of these tasks have to wear many hats throughout their day.  

Managing booklists and delivery for an entire school is a big job. Add the pressure to decrease costs, and anyone would need help. That’s where MBS Direct’s Course Director comes in.

Course Director can simplify and streamline adoptions. It gives you the ability to delegate responsibility with various levels of access. For example, high school faculty members may only need to see high school courses. With Course Director, you can limit what each person with access can do or see within the site. It also acts as the final review process to make sure the correct course materials are added to your online bookstore. Course Director gives you a single site where you put in adoptions, search for titles, and approve and submit the courses when you are ready. You can also leave messages in course director for faculty or include a message that students and families can see in the virtual bookstore. (Watch a webinar on how to use Course Director here.)  

At Nolan Catholic High School, Course Director made it easier for instructors to research course materials.

"We really like all the options that MBS Direct has regarding teacher options, and places for faculty to go find information," NCHS Director of Business Operations Regina Partida said. "I know more and more teachers are going to find information about their adoptions online, so being able to access that through our course material provider is good. With our previous solution, that aspect was virtually non-existent."

Designed to help you spend less time on managing adoptions, Course Director can assist you in organizing the entire adoption process from beginning to end to the benefit of everyone.

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