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Posted by Liz Schulte on Jun 19, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Education and technology are constantly evolving. The best practices one day might change or be improved by the next. Learning from the experiences of other schools and staying in the know about the latest offerings in field keeps your school on the cutting edge of education and provides benefits. The latest course materials options can affect your bottom line, student success rates and the job-satisfaction of teachers. Making the wrong choice can negatively impact these same areas. That’s why it is important to research new topics and innovations as well as listen to the experiences other schools have forging the same waters.  

Stay Informed With MBS Direct

The Direct Network blog publishes content on a wide array of educational topics so you don’t have to devote an excessive amount of time from your busy schedule keeping up with the currents trends. Schools, technology and cost-savings initiatives are just a few to the subjects covered weekly as a service to you. But, did you know there is a monthly podcast?

Trending topics in education available on iTunes®

Carrie Watkins, senior digital consultant for MBS Direct, hosts a monthly podcast covering the latest in education trends. She travels the country to learn what new products and services MBS Direct can provide customers then passes along that information to you in a series of interviews with industry experts called Trending Topics in Education.

Available on iTunes, you do not have to disrupt your day to hear the latest interview. Instead of being stuck behind your computer or taking time out of your work day, you can listen in the car, on a plane, take it to the gym or tune in while you are stuck in a waiting room. All you need is a smartphone and some headphones. Subscribe today so you don’t miss an episode and listen to the podcast anywhere and anytime you choose.

Discover how to align learning objectives and customization options in course packs to produce a great, affordable product with SkyePack. Find out how Liberty University, the largest, non-profit, private university in the U.S., successfully maintains its online courses. Or familiarize yourself with the latest in professional development for teachers through eMINTS.  

There are a variety of topics to cover a variety of needs, so you can take care of what matters — your students’ education.

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Liz Schulte is an author and business owner with a background in customer service, marketing and higher education development.

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