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Spring Cleaning (Your Adoption List)

Posted by Kate Seat on Jan 21, 2016 7:30:00 AM
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From the post-New Year vantage point, it may seem like it will be a long time until the April 1 submission deadline for K-12 schools rolls around, but we promise spring will be here before you know it! Why not get a jump start on your adoption list now, and ensure that you’ll be able to submit your list on time (or early)?

First, a little refresher on why the adoption deadline is one date you should make an effort to keep:

When adoption lists are submitted by the deadline, it gives us the opportunity to immediately start combing the marketplace for the specific course materials you’ve requested, in the quantities you'll need. By securing this inventory from a variety of sources, MBS Direct can help keep prices competitive and allow you to pass the best possible value on to your families.
Another way we source the course materials on your list is through buyback. Knowing what titles you’ll be using for the following term enables us to purchase them from families at your school, as well as from our network of partner schools all over the country. And because these titles have already been adopted, we can often offer more per item. This results in more money back for your families at buyback, as well as the additional value of access to more used copies being available for purchase or rental.  


Hopefully, now you’re feeling inspired to give last semester’s book list a once-over.shutterstock_309245243.jpg 

A few questions to ask yourself as you review each title:

  • How well did students respond to it?
  • How many terms (or even years) has the text been in use?
  • What portion of the text was actually utilized?
  • If the text was useful, is there a different format that may positively impact learning outcomes even more?

How did students respond to it?

Does the text help or hinder your students in developing strong learning habits? What about positive learning outcomes? If the response was neutral or worse, your account manager can help you research alternative options. On the other hand, if you feel students are learning well with the title in question, leave it on your list and move on to the next one.

How many terms has the text been in use?

If the answer to this question is several, consider whether or not it’s time for an updated version, or time to explore an entirely new option. If it’s a new addition, consider whether your instructors may need a little bit longer to familiarize themselves with it, or if it simply isn’t a good fit for your program.

What portion of the material was actually utilized?

If only a fraction of the book is being used in class, there may be a better way to offer the same information. Custom course materials (or course packs) are designed to include only the selections that are most relevant to each course. With MBS Direct’s eText Builder, instructors can browse through more than 8 million pieces of content and construct the ultimate resource, even including their own original content, web pages and multimedia.

See how easy it is to create unique, tailored course materials:


If the text was useful, is there a different format that may increase learning outcomes even more?

Offering a digital option is becoming more and more popular with K-12 schools all across the country, for several reasons.

  1. Digital versions are often less expensive than their traditional print counterparts.
  2. An eBook or tablet is significantly lighter than a backpack full of textbooks, making a digital option convenient and portable.
  3. Depending on the format, digital content can provide an enhanced learning experience (including note-sharing and easy collaboration).
  4. It’s much easier for publishers to update digital materials, keeping them relevant longer.


If you’re interested in learning more about the digital options currently available for your program, now’s the perfect time to find out. Let your account manager know which courses or subjects you’d like to add digital content to, and they’ll help you discover what’s out there.    

Contact your account manager with any questions you may have, for more information or to review your adoption list today.

About Kate Seat

Kate Seat is a former copywriter at MBS. When away from work, she’s either creating one-of-a-kind art dolls, reading or watching way too much tv with her husband, daughter and an irritable chinchilla named Klaus.

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