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Second Baptist School: 21st Century Education With a Christian Perspective

Posted by Lori Reese on Jun 26, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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At Second Baptist School, teachers strive to “educate, not indoctrinate,” according to Head of School Dr. Jeff D. Williams. The Houston-based coed Christian PK–12 trains students to “pursue their individual callings and excel to the best of their abilities.”

Second Baptist School: 21st Century Education with a Christian Perspective

As a college-prep school, Second Baptist emphasizes challenging academics in a range of subjects from classics like A.P. English and History to Entrepreneurship, a yearlong course in which students study the essential traits of an entrepreneur and the skills one needs to develop an idea from its seed to fruition.

Dean of Academics Kathy Lee said Second Baptist empowers students to think for themselves and develop the creative and critical thinking skills needed in the 21st-century global, digital economy. 

“We educate by teaching students how to think critically, think for themselves, even think outside-of-the-box if that is needed,” said Lee. 

Lee said Second Baptist teachers do not supply students with easy answers. Rather teachers invite them to ask questions while remaining committed to teaching through a “Christian lens.”

“We are not quick to give all the ‘answers’ until the students have spent time grappling with the questions,” Lee said. “We don’t tell students what to think, but we always guide them with God’s truth.”

The devotion to teaching from a biblical perspective sets Second Baptist School apart from others, according to Lee. Everything from the school’s stated mission to its honor code exemplifies that passion.

The school’s mission sets out to give students “… the courage to live their lives on the great principles and convictions of biblical truth as they engage an innovative and digitally-based global economy,” according to Second Baptist’s website.

The honor code, meanwhile, asks students to pledge, “I will do my best to exemplify Christlike integrity in my academic and personal endeavors and encourage others to act accordingly.”

When it came to searching for an online bookstore partner, Second Baptist turned to MBS Direct because it “offered the services we were interested in,” said Lee.

The online bookstore provides access to new, used and digital texts, along with a Marketplace feature, which lets families compare prices to those culled from other sites. As a digital solution to students’ course materials needs, MBS Direct allows Second Baptist to help families cut costs while immersing them in a 21st-century retail environment. That, in turn, builds on Second Baptist’s goal of giving students the skills they will need in college and beyond. Subscribe to Direct Network

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