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Saint Lawrence Partners with MBS Direct After Hearing Local Success Stories

Posted by Dean Asher on Dec 22, 2014 5:15:00 AM
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Dec. 22, Santa Clara, Calif. – When their previous textbook vendor went out of business, Saint Lawrence Academy turned to MBS Direct for textbook fulfillment after hearing about the success other schools in the area had had with the company.The excellent communication between MBS Direct’s Account Management and Saint Lawrence was perhaps the biggest reason why Saint Lawrence was able to get its Online Bookstore up and running so quickly. MBS Direct provides students with round the clock customer service, as well as a Virtual Bookstore packed with features designed to guarantee students get affordable course materials they need, when they need them. These features include:

Technology is a vital part of the curriculum at Saint Lawrence, and by partnering with MBS Direct, the school now has access to an expansive digital catalog and will be able to increase the amount of digital titles adopted by faculty. Digital course materials can allow for savings of up to 80 percent off list price, and provide convenience and ease of use with cross-platform compatibility.

In addition to the wide selection of digital titles, MBS Direct offers many other ordering options, including:

24/7 Customer Care Center: Resolves 99.9 percent of customer issues and is available to students by phone, email and live chat.

• Guaranteed Buyback: Unique to MBS Direct. Informs students of the exact amount they will receive for selling their textbooks back at the end of the academic term, saving them up to 70 percent.

• Marketplace: Allows savings of up to 95 percent by connecting students with private vendors.

• Digital books: Students can save up to 80 percent off the list price. Plus students can lighten their load by accessing their books on almost any device.

• Rental: Upfront savings up to 60 percent off of list price.

• Used Books: Offers up to 25 percent off of the list price and possibly available to sell back during buyback

“MBS Direct did a good job, and was very responsive. Anything I need, they are on it. They walked us through the whole implementation process and made things really easy for us,” said Vice Principal of Faculty, John Bennett.

For more information about MBS Direct, click here or follow @MBS_Direct on Twitter.

About Saint Lawrence Academy
Saint Lawrence Academy is a private co-education Catholic high school located in Santa Clara, Calif. with an enrollment of about 250 students. Founded in 1975 by Father Victor Wilkiemeyer, the school’s vision was to limit the size of enrollment in order to promote personal involvement and support each student’s individual voyage of discovery. The school also features an exchange program with Junshin High School in Nagasaki, where 8-15 students are accompanied by a pair of faculty members on an annual trip to Japan.

About Dean Asher

Dean Asher is a former copywriter with MBS. Though he no longer writes for us, he is still proud of having helped this blog continue to evolve as an industry-leading resource of news and original content.

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