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Posted by Dean Asher on Nov 19, 2014 10:00:00 PM
Topics: Higher Ed, mbs direct, buyback, K-12

The end of term brings hustle and bustle to schools everywhere, and that includes buyback season. If you’re hosting an on-campus buyback event this year, now is the time to start promoting it. If not, don’t fret: just remember to encourage your students to log into their MBS accounts and create a quote to sell their books back online.

The process is easy for students — they simply log in, review their books or enter ISBNs, verify their list and confirm their account information for a printable quote to mail in with their books in resalable condition.

Remind your students about the value they know they’re receiving for their books through MBS Direct if they took part in our exclusive Guaranteed Buyback program, as well. GBB titles come with a minimum amount MBS Direct will pay for books in acceptable condition at the end of the term, so students will know exactly what the cost of using that book for the term will be. It’s a great way to encourage sales at the beginning of the term as well, so don’t forget to encourage it for spring!

Plus, don’t forget the free marketing materials we’ve made for you to promote your buyback! Just go here to find the materials that are right for your school then contact your Account Manager to plan your marketing schedule.

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