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Promoversity Makes Offering School Merchandise Easy

Posted by Liz Schulte on Aug 22, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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MBS Direct has recently partnered with Promoversity to offer your school an online merchandise program. Whether you need spirit wear, customized event t-shirts or mugs, Promoversity offers a one-stop shop at no cost to you.Promoversity Makes Offering School Merchandise Easy

Through your partnership with MBS Direct, you have access to Promoversity’s service. They will only need a few items from you to get started on your school’s custom retail website: a couple campus images, the school logo in EPS format and your school’s brand guidelines. Promoversity will take care of the rest.

“We offer the school an online merchandise solution at no cost, which will allow students, faculty and alumni to purchase school specific merchandise,” said Doug Murphy, president of Promoversity.

The customized site takes three to four weeks to complete and they take care of the licensing for you. Monthly reports and promocodes are provided, and you can set the prices to alter the amount of commission received on purchases made through the school’s site.

Imprinted or embroidered clothing are available in your school colors which comes in youth, ladies and men’s sizing. With brands like Oxford™ for higher education, and Under Armour™ or Nike™ for K-12, you can be assured your customers are getting quality products. Gift items such as mugs, tote bags, pens, keychains and more are offered. As members of the Fair Labor Association, the companies that supply Promoversity's merchandise meet the internationally recognized labor standards.

With Promoversity there are no minimums, no inventory commitments, no sales commitments and if you are an MBS partner school, there is no shipping costs on any order.

“The main benefit is to be able to have a custom retail website. You will be able to supply your students and alumni the merchandise they want with absolutely no risk whatsoever to the school,” Murphy said. “There is no minimum order. Shipping is just $4.95 on all purchases regardless of size.”

Placing an order through their website is simple. The customer would click on the merchandise they want, select the quantity, add it to their cart and checkout. No fuss or confusion. The turnaround time on an order is seven business days.

Give fans, students and alumni the ability share their school-spirit by ordering high-quality custom apparel at a competitive cost. 

Ready to get started? Contact your Account Manager today.

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