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North Central University Provides Students a Better Experience

Posted by Liz Schulte on Sep 25, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, North Central University is an awesome place to be. Just three blocks from the new Viking stadium (where the Super Bowl will be held in 2018), the school immerses students in the great city atmosphere as they learn and explore. When Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Business & Finance Amy High came to the University she was enamored with the beautiful campus and the wonderful atmosphere, but one area needed a little work: the campus bookstore.

North Central University Provides Students a Better Experience

Distributing course materials is a science. Coordinating with faculty and the registrar’s office, keeping track of how many books to order, the significant overhead and making sure the books are returned on time, are just some of the issues a store can encounter even before the students are involved. High recognized the bookstore could be more efficient and provide a better experience for the students, and she knew what company could help North Central University make that change.

“I was working at another college when they switched to MBS Direct from doing it themselves. I witnessed what MBS Direct had to offer and what they could do,” High said. “So, when I got here, one of my main goals was to get the textbooks out of the onsite bookstore and to MBS. I knew how easy it could be with MBS Direct.”

MBS Direct works with each school to provide the best solution. It was important to North Central University that students, faculty and staff had outstanding support and customer service to ease their transition to an online bookstore.

“The MBS customer service is just so top-notch. I ask them a question, and they are on it, looking into it. MBS is always willing to work with us to get our requests accomplished. It makes my job that much easier. And, in the end, it is huge for student satisfaction,” High said. “We love MBS — I love MBS. For North Central it has only been a year, but my personal experience is going on 9 years now. The customer service of MBS is what puts it over the top for me.”

North Central University’s partnership with MBS has given them the opportunity to turn the campus store into a place students want to be. They have chosen to update their retail space, giving students a better customer experience and showing more support to their athletic teams.

“Every semester it gotten easier and easier. The kids are getting the hang of the Online Bookstore — and the faculty has as well,” High said. “Meanwhile, we’re revamping the store and re-upping the stock. We’re getting a lot more apparel and novelty items. I think it will spark more student spirit for athletics, which is great for morale. We are using Promoversity to offer apparel online as well.”

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