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Nolan Catholic High School Students Get the Right Books, on Time

Posted by Dean Asher on Nov 8, 2016 5:00:00 AM
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Student success is one of Nolan Catholic High School's most critical goals. The 9-12 college prep school offers its approximately 850 students a wide range of honors, AP and dual credit courses, and maintains a successful robotics team, an aquaponic greenhouse and the longest-running ecology program of its kind that offers students field study opportunities throughout Texas and Costa Rica.

NCHS also understands the important role course materials play in student success, which led them to begin searching for a new fulfillment solution for this year.

Nolan Catholic High School Students Get the Right Books, on Time

"We had been with [our previous vendor] for about six years, and customer service had dropped off tremendously," said NCHS Director of Business Operations Regina Partida. "In the last two years we'd had problems getting the proper books, which is a big issue when the year starts and students don't have what they need."

Since NCHS began its partnership with MBS Direct, families can log into the official NCHS Online Bookstore and order the print or digital titles they need with confidence, knowing the right materials will arrive on time.

"We haven't had any students or parents calling us with the wrong book or problems with financial aid vouchers, it all went really well," Partida said. "MBS Direct also offered students a lot of digital choices. We just started a bring-your-own-device policy, and students now have more options for books to use on those devices."

Partida noted that their first year with MBS Direct has started off well, and they have something to look forward to for the end of the year, as well. MBS Direct's EZ Drop buyback program for K-12 schools gives students a convenient on-site location to physically return their books, and also serves as a fundraising opportunity to benefit the school's various clubs and programs.

While service to NCHS' students and families improved significantly, faculty  get added perks as well. It's easier than ever for NCHS instructors to research the value of course materials with MBS Direct's online adoption tool, Course Director.

"We really like all the options that MBS Direct has regarding teacher options, and places for faculty to go find information," Partida said. "I know more and more teachers are going to find information about their adoptions online, so being able to access that through our course material provider is good. With our previous solution, that aspect was virtually non-existent."

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