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Mizzou K-12; 130 Countries and Counting

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Mar 22, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Mizzou K-12 offers middle and high school students a learning experience other institutions cannot match — a global learning community and an affiliation with a state university.

Mizzou K-12; 130 Countries and Counting

Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, director of academic affairs and engagement for Mizzou K-12, said they focus on 21st-century skills, such as group collaboration and communication to prepare students for success in college and life. Fishman-Weaver said Mizzou K-12 has a diverse student body, coming from more than 130 countries in the past two years.

“Not many schools can offer all we offer,” Fishman-Weaver said.

Mizzou K-12 offers online, blended, and co-teach course options to give students and schools flexible educational solutions.

“We have an exceptional teaching team,” Fishman-Weaver said. “We are able to offer 22 world language courses and 10 advanced placement classes that many schools normally wouldn’t have.”

One of the benefits of the Mizzou K-12 model is increasing access to these courses for rural and urban schools. Instead of seeking out and hiring a teacher for AP Statistics or Arabic, schools can partner with Mizzou K-12 and offer the course through them.

“We meet with teachers to discuss professional development,” Fishman-Weaver said. “We discuss what we are doing and our values weekly.”

The professionalism of the Mizzou K-12 faculty and constant focus on the student, sets Mizzou K-12 apart.  Instructors pride themselves on warm, constructive, and holistic feedback on assignments.

Mizzou K-12 offers students an opportunity to be a part of an exciting global learning community.  

The teachers at Mizzou K-12 are dedicated to their profession with most carrying certifications or advanced degrees. The program is also the only online K-12 program housed in and backed by a major university’s college of education.

The focus on the student is important to Mizzou K-12 as no student is the same. Computers do not grade assignments.  Instead, a holistic summary is made up for each student, outlining their strengths and opportunities on each assignment, presenting a personalized experience on a global scale.

The relationship between Mizzou K-12 and MBS Direct serves all partner schools, adding another level of educational possibilities. The types of courses offered at partner institutions are not limited to what is taught on-location. The demand for a specific class can now be met using Mizzou K-12, and course materials are seamlessly obtained using the same Online Bookstore.

Mizzou K-12 offers more than 200 courses giving students the opportunity to learn at a pace convenient to them or as part of a blended classroom.

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