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Mercy High School Makes Their Move to Marketplace

Posted by Liz Schulte on Mar 13, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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The school motto for Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is “Women who make a difference.” The all-girls college preparatory school, run by the Sisters of Mercy, educates and inspires young women from diverse backgrounds by embracing their unique gifts and talents. Through an innovative learning community, they strive to help their students develop personal, academic and professional excellence.Mercy High School Makes Their Move to Marketplace

Focused on engaging the students on an intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and cultural level, they wanted a more streamlined service to provide their students with course material options.

“What is unique for us is that our girls purchase their books. I wanted a better, more customized experience for the bookstore and student shopping,” Cheryl Corte library technician at Mercy High School said. “I’m excited for a new adventure. The intuitive usage MBS Direct offers is very encouraging. The customized Shop By Schedule feature should be a much better experience for the parents and the students.”

Having rental and digital course material options, along with a buyback program, helps reduce some of student costs. With their diverse population of students, purchasing options that fit everyone’s needs are key. By offering multiple choices through the school’s Online Bookstore, they can be certain the student orders the correct course materials in a timely manner because of the customized shop-by-schedule feature—something that was impossible to do when students were opting to go to other websites to make their purchases. 

“What really sold me is Marketplace which is built into their Shop By Schedule,” Corte said. “It gives our iPad™ users extensive book purchasing options.”

The MBS Direct Marketplace connects students to private vendors, creating a more diverse shopping experience where students can save up to 95%. Students log into their school’s Online Bookstore and select their courses. Pricing is displayed on available titles and the student can order their book from a vetted, four-to-five star vendor, providing convenient one-stop shopping.

“Hopefully the new customized book services MBS offers each student will be a welcome experience!” Corte said.


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