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MBS Direct: Going the Extra Mile

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Oct 14, 2014 6:03:00 AM
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Working in customer service can be tougher than people think. Even when you are able to solve someone’s problem, it often goes without thanks, as that’s exactly what is expected of you. In order to be considered truly exceptional, a customer service worker has to do more than just what is expected of them; they need to go above and beyond.

Going above and beyond is something that has become commonplace with MBS Direct’s account management team. As much as MBS Direct would love for every school to be without problems at all times, that’s simply not realistic. So when there is a problem to be solved, that’s when the account management team steps in to handle things.

Usually they are able to find a solution quickly and easily. But occasionally a solution takes a bit longer to find, and the account managers have to go the extra mile to provide an answer to a school’s question.


Adam Reed Adam Reed

Client Services Manager Adam Reed recounts a time they dealt with a school that was having trouble setting up Pearson access codes for their students.

“Normally all we do is send the school the codes and the students who have purchased. The instructors are then responsible for setting up either own access through Pearson, creating their virtual classrooms and adding the students to these classes so they have access,” Reed said. “There was a bit of confusion with one school that believed the virtual classrooms would come complete with all of their students already uploaded. So to help them out, I set up over 150 students in four of the school’s courses. It wasn’t too difficult, but it certainly took some time. That said, I was happy to do it.”


Laura Harmon Laura Harmon

Client Representative Laura Harmon handled an issue where a customer had accidentally thrown away their Vista access code. Instead of making them purchase a new one, Laura worked with the publisher to get the customer a new code free of charge. Then, on a different occasion, Laura was able to help fix an order where the customer had ordered from the wrong course online. Laura was able to work with the customer and get them all of the course materials that they needed.


D'Markus Thomas-Brown D'Markus Thomas-Brown

Fellow Client Representative, D’Markus Thomas-Brown, has also gone above and beyond in working with one of his newer schools. The school’s recent switch to MBS Direct was due to their previous vendor closing, which left their bookstore manager scrambling to get everything set up in time for the fall term. D’Markus was able to work with the school’s department chairs, faculty and their publisher reps to ensure we were adopting the correct course materials. This is still an ongoing process, but it looks like the school will be back on track for future terms.


Nathan Hudgens Nathan Hudgens

Finally, Nathan Hudgens, yet another Client Representative, solved the problems of a school that had submitted a new package that wasn’t on our database. After confusion on what the package consisted of, Nathan was able to work with the publisher representative to determine which contents were the correct ones for the school. Nathan then worked closely with the MBS Direct Acquisitions and Digital team to get all of the items checked and delivered to the students by the first day of class.

These are just a select few of the many stories from the employees who work closely with MBS Direct’s partner schools around the country. The goal of every interaction is to make sure the customer walks away satisfied with the solution MBS Direct employees provide them. Sometimes, that just take a little more effort than usual.


About Joe Clarkin

Joe Clarkin is a former copywriter at MBS. When he’s not working or studying, you’re most likely to find him reading a book or watching a game.

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