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MBS Direct Expert Q&A: Inclusive Access

Posted by Liz Schulte on Mar 22, 2018 5:30:00 AM
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We sat down with MBS Direct’s General Manager of Retail Operations Josh Wheatley to discuss the company’s inclusive access offerings.

MBS Direct Expert Interview: Inclusive AccessWhat is Direct Success?

Direct Success is MBS Direct’s inclusive access model. How it works is we tell the school the true cost of the course materials and the school has the flexibility to decide the types of materials they want to offer — print, used, rental or digital — and how students will incur the cost. The school can use course materials as a revenue stream, or simply cover costs and offer students greater financial relief; it is completely up to them. We tailor solutions to fit the needs of our partner schools, providing services that decrease administrative workloads while ensuring students are prepared for class. Through Direct Success, students have materials in hand and ready to learn without having to make any difficult financial decisions.

What happens after a school partners with MBS Direct to offer an inclusive access model to their students?

Our implementation team walks them through what the experience will be for the student, ensuring the program is exactly what they want. There are different levels of Direct Success structured around the idea of students having course materials on the first day of class so they can be prepared and ready to go.

What is required from the student?

That depends on what type of program the school adopts. The school can choose the format, print or digital, it would like to use and that is what we will send to the student. Schools have the option for used-preferred which provides additional cost savings. However, sometimes schools want to give students a choice. When that is the case, we have engagement sites that involve students directly in the purchasing process instead of books automatically being delivered to students a week before classes start. The student will shop in the Online Bookstore — they can do it by course or Shop by Schedule. They can choose: new, used or digital. When they check out, there is not a credit card option or payment option; they simply confirm their order and the books are shipped. There is also an auto order rental option where the students are renting the books rather than purchasing them.

Are foreign language materials available?

Yes, we offer them.

Is there a handicapped accessible option?

Our digital books are ADA compliant. Through our partnership with VitalSource, the ebooks have 508 compliance documents and the platform itself is ADA compliant. It works with JAWS technology and other learning disability technology.

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