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Maximize Learning Outcomes With Thoughtful Adoptions

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Mar 16, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Picking the optimal curriculum and considering the types of content your students need can help your school provide quality and affordable course materials on-time — a crucial step for determining student success.

Maximize Learning Outcomes with Thoughtful Adoptions

Here are some best practices to help your school work through the adoptions season.

1. Make informed decisions to best meet learning objectives

Discovery and research are key elements of fulfilling this goal. There are massive amounts of resources available – free, paid, print, digital, static, interactive – and picking the content that best meets each course’s learning objectives determines student success.

2. Explore format options

Whether print, digital, OER or custom course materials, you can choose from several formats. Be thorough in the search to find which options are right for the class and contribute to your students’ mastery of concepts.

3. Provide affordable options without sacrificing quality

Will free or lower-priced OER provide the necessary information to your students? How about older print editions – are they up to date on current and correct concepts? There are pros and cons to most combinations of quality and affordability, and finding what works best for you and your students is crucial.

4. Encourage adoptions to be turned in early

The earlier your staff submits their adoptions, the better chance your school will get the books they want. Earlier adoptions mean your school will be able to source more inexpensively, specifically by having access to more used books. By providing your school adequate time to source the precise number of copies it needs, they’ll be able to ensure content can be distributed to students before classes begin.

Whoever is selecting your school’s content and managing procurement will need to work together. A strong and communicative relationship between the two entities will benefit everyone involved, especially if they can meet the goal of having adoptions submitted early.

5. Meet HEOA guidelines

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires higher learning institutions that receive federal funding to disclose accurate course material information, including ISBNs, at the time of registration so students can better understand the costs and shop elsewhere if they desire.

Originally posted January 5, 2016

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Joe Clarkin is a former copywriter at MBS. When he’s not working or studying, you’re most likely to find him reading a book or watching a game.

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