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Mars Hill University Bookstore Joins the MBS Direct Family

Posted by Liz Schulte on Apr 10, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Mars Hill University is a small, independent, Baptist university in Western North Carolina founded in 1856. Rooted in faith and community, the school equips their students with the educational means to pursue intellectual, spiritual and personal growth. The small campus and almost equally small town form a community that is practically in distinguishable from one another.

Mars Hills University Bookstore Joins MBS Direct Family“We think of the whole place as a big family,” Karla Chandler, textbook manager at Mars Hills University Bookstore, said. “We are small enough we recognize faces even though you might not know the name. A lot of townspeople come and go from the store.”

With more than 95% of the student body receiving financial aid, the all-inclusive model of having course material and tuition costs combined made the most sense for them and their students. However, when their supplier went out of business, they needed to find a new partner who could fill their student’s orders in a short amount of time.

“MBS Direct sent a proposal. They were willing to step up and take that on with short notice. They just had a couple of months to get this together and get what we needed,” Chandler said. “From the student’s perspective, it’s the same procedure they were used to. That was really nice to be able to continue on from their side of it as business as usual.”

Mars Hill’s students were able to get all of their course materials before classes started with very little inconvenience to them and a new partnership was formed. 

“The fact that MBS was willing to change some of the ways they do things and tweak their software so it would work for us was awesome. It ended up being what we needed,” Chandler said. “The people at MBS have been really great to work with. I have questions and they answer them. It’s been really smooth and easy to work with all of them. Having that kind of support and knowing that if I call or email someone will answer my question or come through with what I need.”

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