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Mapping Student Buying Habits: A Comparison of MBS Direct Distribution Options [Infographic]

Posted by Dean Asher on May 24, 2018 4:30:00 PM
Topics: Higher Ed, ordering options, buying habits, Direct Success

Here's a short refresher about the options available to ensure your students have the materials they need when they need them.  

The MBS Direct Online Bookstore strives to make acquiring course materials as easy and affordable as possible for your students. Convenient service, low prices and a range of purchasing options are a few ways we put our best foot forward getting students the content they need. However, student buyer behavior can be influenced by a wide range of factors which inhibit their success outside of our control.

Mapping Student Buying Habits.pngConvenience and cost savings are key to influencing student decision-making, and Direct Success — MBS Direct's course material fee program — provides both. Students can opt out of the Direct Success program in compliance with federal law, but with convenience like this, why would they? 

With 99.9% order accuracy and on-time performance levels, MBS Direct has a proven track record of ensuring students receive the course materials they need. But when you introduce a student’s buying habits into the ordering process, you create uncertainty. 

With Direct Success through MBS Direct, it's easy to help students save time and money on the way to academic success. To find out more about implementing Direct Success at your school, contact your Account Manager. 

Originally posted 5/19/16

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