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Lansing Community College's Mission to Serve Students Even Better

Posted by Kate Seat on Sep 14, 2015 5:30:00 AM
Topics: Higher Ed, Marketing to Students
As the third-largest community college in Michigan, Lansing Community College serves more than 17,000 students a year on five campuses. Since its inception in 1957, LCC has pursued the success of its students as its primary motivation.


“Nationally, there is an issue with the cost of textbooks,” said Chief Financial Officer, Donald Wilske. “There are students who actually pay more for their books than for tuition and fees. Because of this, we were very interested in finding a timely, cost-effective solution.”

By providing an online bookstore, the College will now be able to offer affordable options and better ensure that students will have the books that they need before class begins.

Another important factor in choosing the right provider was student financial aid integration. 

Currently, the students at LCC purchase their course materials from third-party stores located off campus. In order to make financial aid available for these purchases, funds were disbursed directly to the student after the start of classes.

Not only did this delay acquisition of the materials they needed, some students may have been using these funds for non-school related purchases.

“With MBS Direct, we’re able to integrate directly with student financial aid,” Wilske said. “That’s a definite advantage, both because the process will be easier, and because we’ll know exactly what that money will be used for. This way, it’s as easy as possible for our students to get their books before class begins.”

“LCC will not receive any commission under this contract,” he added. “Our bottom line is, and always has been, service to our students — we want to make it as easy as possible for them to get what they need.”

“In addition to the financial aid integration, students will also have more textbook information flexibility,” said Lisa Mazure, controller and implementation project manager. “In the Online Bookstore, all of their options will be up front — including the cost of the textbooks whether they are new, used, a rental or digital — so students won’t have to do searches on their own.”

The administration and staff at LCC are looking forward to the changes ahead. With partnership with MBS Direct and their new Online Bookstore available for the spring semester, they're confident that these developments will help to further the success of their students.

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