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Is It Time for the Digital Discussion?

Posted by admin on Jun 17, 2014 9:10:00 AM
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Are you ready to talk to your faculty members about making the transition to digital? The number of content options available grows larger every day, and adapting your curriculum to include these new resources can help reduce your students’ costs and augment your print course materials. Our easy-to-follow checklist gives you a handy set of talking points when the time comes to talk about going digital.

Saving students money

Is it time for the digital discussion?Did you know that providing a digital option can save your students up to 80% off new book price? In general, students who fail to purchase course materials have a more difficult time keeping up. Reducing the cost by offering an alternative to a new text makes it more likely that they will purchase the course content.

Learning styles

As an educator, you know that every student learns in his or her own way. Digital content provides greater flexibility to accommodate their learning strategies, by simply changing font size or with features like text-to-speech functions.


Your students seem to spend every waking moment occupied with their phones, so why not encourage them use their downtime for learning? Digital content is designed for a student’s mobile lifestyle: They’ll be able to study whenever, wherever and on just about any device.

Study tools

Digital materials allow students to take notes and highlight, right within the text. They’ll be able to bookmark relevant parts and search for specific terms at any point in their reading. This makes studying even simpler.


At any given time, do you know how much time your students are investing in studying? What about which passages or chapters they find challenging? With digital materials, you can easily assess how much time they spend with each section — or if they’ve even opened the book!

Availability of titles

We’ve got a strong catalog of titles available for adoption right now, and our selection will continue to expand as the digital landscape evolves.

Consultation from MBS Digital Solutions

Our implementation team is at your disposal, as they take you through setup and beyond, step by step. With solutions tailored to your needs, walk-throughs, workshops and personalized training sessions, our specialists are ready to get your digital program up and running.

24/7 customer service

MBS Direct has you covered: With live chat or by phone or email, you’ve got 24/7 access to expert help for any issue that may arise.

Ready to turn the page? For more information about transitioning to digital, contact your Account Manager today!

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