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Inside the Classroom of the Future

Posted by Kate Seat on Aug 3, 2016 7:30:00 AM
Topics: K-12, ed tech

While computers have had a solid place in the classroom for decades, new trends in education are incorporating augmented reality and video games like Minecraft. As a result, the way students learn is also changing — and that could lead to the traditional classroom becoming an entirely different type of learning environment. Nicholas Fearn shares what this means for your students in this excerpt from a post on TechRadar.

Inside the classroom of the future

Making learning fun

The latest advancements in technology and innovation are paving the way for an educational space that's interactive, engaging and fun.

The conventions of learning are changing.It's becoming normal for youngsters to use games like Minecraft to develop skills such as team working and problem solving, and for teachers to turn to artificial intelligence to get a better understanding of how their pupils are progressing in lessons.

Virtual reality is also introducing new possibilities in the classroom. Gone are the days of imagining what an Ancient Egyptian tomb might look like - now you can just strap on a headset and transport yourself there in a heartbeat.

The potential for using VR to teach history, geography and other subjects is incredible when you really think about it - and it's not the only tech that's going to shake things up.

With new technologies on offer, education is in an exciting period of change. Teachers are using tech to make the learning process more interactive and fun for students, and the benefits are already showing.

Virtual reality is letting youngsters explore the world without leaving the classroom, while AI is helping teachers create more effective curriculums. Games like Minecraft, on the other hand, are inspiring creativity and teamwork. These may only be a few examples of new tech, but together, they're creating a more modern, innovative classroom.

— Nicholas Fearn, TechRadar
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