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Inclusive Access: the Solution You Need

Posted by Liz Schulte on Jul 19, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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There are plenty of areas schools have to be concerned with: enrollment numbers, student success, faculty relations, public perception, recruitment, profitability and the list could continue.  Whether or not students have their required materials in hand before the start of class is a growing concern. However, not for all schools. Some have already found a solution to the problem: inclusive access.

Inclusive Access: the Solution You NeedThe problem

The Vice President of Administration and Finance for Schreiner University, Bill Muse, spoke of the growing concern over students choosing not to buy course materials in an effort to save money. This realization led the university to seek out new ways to provide their students with a better course materials system.

“Students are, to an alarming degree, beginning to think of textbooks as optional,” Muse said. “It was having an impact on student learning. We wanted to provide a solution where all students had all of the required materials on the first day of class.”

Finding a solution in options

With MBS Direct’s inclusive access program, Direct Success, Schreiner University was able to fill their students’ needs without disrupting the students’ lives. Because Direct Success is a tailored program, schools have the flexibility to determine what type of materials will be offered and even how the students will incur the cost, regardless of the school’s size.

Detroit Catholic Central High School provides MBS Direct with its students' class schedules and students are provided with the digital course materials they need without getting bogged down with multiple websites and problems. Making the course materials easier to obtain ensures all the students are ready for the start of class.

"One of the unique features that sets our school apart is that our students don't see a textbook bill," Craig J. McMichael, DCC technology integrationist and social studies teacher said. "We are providing that content for them as part of their education, so we want to make sure that it is delivered as seamlessly as possible through MBS Direct."

Mars Hills University chose inclusive access because of the needs of their student body. Most of their students receive financial aid, so having course materials and tuition costs combined made the most sense for their students.

“The fact that MBS was willing to change some of the ways they do things and tweak their software so it would work for us was awesome. It ended up being what we needed,” Karla Chandler, textbook manager at Mars Hills University Bookstore said. “The people at MBS have been really great to work with. I have questions and they answer them. It’s been really smooth and easy to work with all of them. Having that kind of support and knowing that if I call or email someone will answer my question or come through with what I need.”

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