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How to Simplify Your School’s Access Codes

Posted by Liz Schulte on May 2, 2018 5:30:00 AM
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Access codes can be a complicated piece of the course materials puzzle. Making sure students not only have what they need but are also able to access their materials for class can be frustrating. Every publisher has its own way of handling these codes, which can lead to confusion when working with multiple publishers. Below, find our best practices for simplifying your school’s access codes to make sure your semester starts without a hitch.

How to Simplify Your School’s Access CodesLearn how publishers are different before selecting course materials.

Every publisher will have slightly different processes when it comes to access codes. Some publishers might even have different processes within the company. When adopting course materials with an access code find out what steps your school, faculty and students will need to go through to make sure you are ready for classes to start. If you will be working with a publisher you haven’t worked with before, find out how the process will change from what you are used to doing. This will help you better prepare for faculty and students questions.

MBS Direct maintains a large number of publisher relationships. Our experienced and knowledgeable account managers can assist you in this discovery and help explain what to expect as well as give you organizational tips on how to manage your school’s access codes.

Start setting up early for classes with access codes.

Many publishers have the faculty set up an online classroom that they will need to assign their students to before the start of class. Start this process early because if you run into problems, there could be long wait times with publishers.

Your account manager with MBS Direct will act as your first tier of customer service. If the problem is something they cannot solve, they will help you get in contact with the publisher and make sure your issue is resolved.

Collect as much information as you can before classes start.

Be preemptive and learn the publisher platforms before students have to access them. That way when questions do arise you can answer provide answers and make the overall experience better for your students.

MBS Direct partner schools can take advantage of our platform training either on-site or via webinar. We will make sure you know how the set-up works so you are prepared to handle student questions. We will also guide you to step-by-step tutorials that can be printed to help walk faculty members through their account set up and how to add students’ accounts to their online classroom.

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