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How an Online Store Will Help You Serve Your Distance Learners

Posted by Dean Asher on Nov 3, 2015 5:00:00 AM
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Your store is working out of one central location to serve students, who in today’s online learning environment may be located all over the world. While a local store is great for students on campus, an online option creates unmatched logistical advantages for maintaining distance learning programs.

Online Bookstore


By putting your bookstore wherever your students are in the world with an Online Bookstore, your school and students get:

  • On-time delivery: It might go without saying that campus stores weren’t built with long-distance shipping in mind. With an Online Bookstore, that burden won’t fall on your shoulders. MBS Direct has a 99.9% order accuracy and on-time rate with service to over 180 countries, so your students get what they ordered in hand before the start of term — meaning improved learning outcomes and better retention rates — wherever they may be. No more parsing orders and managing shipping!
  • Items in-stock and on-hand: Backorders can be a thing of the past. MBS Direct has access to thousands of print and digital titles at any time, meaning your students can reliably order what they need to succeed in class.
  • Offerings in Any and Every Format: Your students can easily choose the formats in which they acquire their titles. Whether they want to buy or rent digital — one of the best cost-savers and learning outcome enhancers in the industry — used print or even acquire their titles on the Marketplace, the options are available for them to choose. More choice means they're more likely to order from you and not go elsewhere!
  • No loss of services for distance students: If your students buy a book, they can still sell it back at the end of the term. In fact, a built-in loyalty program can reward them for their continued business with better deals at buyback and when buying books at the beginning of the term.
  • No need to change services for local students: While many schools choose to go entirely online, they don’t have to. Your school can still maintain and operate a brick-and-mortar store to provide services to your on-campus learners, while maintaining an Online Bookstore for your distance students. The choice is totally up to you!

Since 1992, MBS Direct has used its expertise to help thousands of schools build the Online Bookstore that's right for their students. Want to know more? Contact us today.

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Dean Asher is a former copywriter with MBS. Though he no longer writes for us, he is still proud of having helped this blog continue to evolve as an industry-leading resource of news and original content.

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