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Hear What Others Are Saying About MBS Direct

Posted by Liz Schulte on Aug 29, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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MBS Direct’s ease, convenience, cost-savings and support provides K–12 partner schools the digital flexibility they need to reach new educational heights. 

Hear what others are saying99.9% order accuracy rate

"I made the switch to MBS Direct many years ago because of a horrible experience with another online book service and have never regretted the move. MBS Direct has been the easiest company I have ever dealt with for textbooks in the 30+ years I've been handling textbooks."

Dennis A. Matreci, Assistant Principal, St. John Vianney High School

24/7 customer service

 “We felt that MBS offered a one-stop shopping experience for our parents, we feel that MBS will offer support and services that a smaller company wouldn’t be able to provide, and we liked the flexibility and responsiveness of the MBS Direct representatives.”

John B. Aimé, Assistant Head of School, Santa Catalina School

Digital options save students up to 80%

"We really like all the options that MBS Direct has regarding teacher options, and places for faculty to go find information. I know more and more teachers are going to find information about their adoptions online, so being able to access that through our course material provider is good. With our previous solution, that aspect was virtually non-existent."

Regina Partida, Director of Business Operations, Nolan Catholic High School

Students Saved Over $32 Million 2015-2016

"Working with MBS Direct has been a difference of night and day. We set it up one time and don't have to touch anything, so now the student enrolls, books are ordered for them and shipped here right away. It's as smooth as could possibly be."

Eric Martzolf, Assistant Principal at Hinsdale South High School

Email to find out how MBS Direct can help your school hit the mark.

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