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Higher Ed. Best Practices and Timeline

Posted by admin on May 17, 2013 11:00:00 AM
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Your account manager is your best asset. Here’s how he or she can help:

  • Work together to evaluate the effectiveness of the previous year’s marketing efforts, evaluating the promotional materials used and link to your online bookstore. Decide if changes are needed, or what new channels you’d like to explore.
  • Check that you have Registrar Links set up within your registration program; if not, your account manager can help with that as well.
  • Restock your free printed materials, like brochures and flyers, for orientation or registration.
  • Provide your updated email list to ensure all of your students receive necessary information about the online bookstore and any upcoming promotions.

Every Term:

  • Four Weeks from Term Start: Now is the time to approve shipping promotions with your account manager as well as request any print or digital materials to advertise this period to students. If you are sending an email we provided, send a test through the email client. At early registration and orientation, distribute the print materials.
  • Three Weeks from Term Start: Alert your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter with a link to your online bookstore.
  • Two Weeks from Term Start: It’s time for another social media push, but this time, focus on shipping options like free or expedited service. Send emails promoting the opening of the online bookstore or any shipping promotions for qualifying students. It’s a good idea to include your account manager and yourself on the mailing list so you can both confirm it was received and correct.
  • One Week from Term Start: Send reminder email to your students that their online bookstore is open.
  • Midway through Term: Arrange for your buyback message to be sent one week before term ends. Your account manager will set this up for you, as well as restocking any posters or handouts you may need.
  • One Week before Term Ends: It’s time to advertise buyback! Work with your account manager to approve your online buyback email that MBS will send.
We even have a handy downloadable marketing guide so you can stay on track, throughout the year: Download the timeline

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