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Harry Potter Comes to Highland School

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Jul 27, 2014 11:00:00 PM
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How are your students spending the summer? What if they could experience some of the magic of Harry Potter right near home? A lucky group of students from Warrenton, Va got to spend a magical week that included mixing potions, playing Quidditch, taking flying lessons and competing for the coveted House Cup. The Harry Potter-themed weeklong camp is just one of the many summer programs Highland School offers, with other sessions built around activities ranging from sports, supplemental learning, arts and crafts and even a few opportunities to hone their Minecraft skills in a cooperative environment.

hp highland It’s been a few years since the Harry Potter camp was last offered, but this year marked the first session led by Highland’s Middle School Latin teacher (and Harry Potter-aficionado) Celia Kelly. According to David Henrickson, Highland's Director of Communications, “Ms. Kelly has done a fantastic job bringing lots of little details into the activities to help bring the books to life for her students.”

The list of available camps is promoted on the school’s website and in a brochure that is distributed in the spring. The school also features selected camps on their Facebook page.

Does your school offer summer programs or camps? What types of activities get the most response?

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