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Gunston School: Fostering Their Reputation for Excellence

Posted by Liz Schulte on Mar 6, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Nestled among the trees on an idyllic 32-acre farm bordering the Corsica River in Maryland sits the Gunston School. During its 107-year history, Gunston has built a reputation for excellence in education. Educating a diverse population of students, they embrace rigorous academics and have a nurturing environment for student growth while fostering leadership skills through sports.

Gunston School: Fostering ZTheir Reputation for ExcellenceSam and Mary Middleton founded the school in 1911 because they refused to accept their ailing daughter would have anything but the best education. Gunston started as a farm school based on the principles that academic rigor coupled with character development were the two most important factors in a child’s education. Throughout the years, they have undergone transformations from being a farm school, to an all-girls boarding school, to a co-ed day school, but the mission of providing the best education has always remained the same.

With a 9:1 student teacher ratio, they are a close community. Each student is offered a personalized educational experience. The teachers and administration know the students’ names and all aspects of their experience with Gunston matters to them. That’s why they needed a course material partner who could maintain their expected level of service and individualized attention.

“One of our biggest concerns is when the parents have a bad experience ordering books,” said Rebecca Schmier, business manager for Gunston School.  “Their experience reflects poorly on us. We want to avoid that so we felt like MBS would be a good match.”

When Gunston became dissatisfied with their previous provider, they spoke with several other schools who recommended MBS Direct due to reputation, customer service and commitment to providing a great buying experience. They reached out to MBS and a new partnership was formed. 

“MBS has a wonderful reputation,” Schmier said. “They came highly recommended and are moving with the times. As everything goes more and more digital, they will be right there in the market.”

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