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Greatest Hits of 2016: A Look Back at Direct Network's Best Posts

Posted by Wendy Gish on Dec 22, 2016 12:29:12 PM
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Higher Education and K-12 institutions who decided to make changes, giving their students more options, lower costs and an easier way to obtain their course materials. Podcasts with industry leaders about emerging trends in education. MBS Direct announcements and insider knowledge. Tips for school administrators and officials to increase their students' success and lower their educational costs. 

We've published some great content in 2016 if we say so ourselves, and based on our viewership statistics, it seems you agree. In case you missed them the first time — or just want to read them all again — here's a list of our most viewed and shared stories and articles from this year.

Most viewed 2016 Direct Network blog posts

1. MBS Direct Expert Q&A: eContent Support

Though it’s proven quite popular, eContent is a relatively new and rapidly changing option in the grand scheme of course materials. As a result, it’s often misunderstood by administrators, faculty and students alike.

That’s why MBS Direct eContent Support Specialist Logan Castonguay gave the Direct Network a few minutes of his time to shed some light on common questions students and schools have about eBooks and other forms of eContent. As someone whose job revolves around digital course materials and understanding how they work, he also provided some insight about the future of eContent in the educational landscape.

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2. Sagence Learning Helps Schools Get Started with CBE

We sat down with Theresa Horner, the Senior Vice President of Product and Content for Sagence™ to learn more about competency-based education (CBE), its popularity and what Sagence is learning from the schools using their CBE platform. Sagence has been working with leading colleges in the competency-based learning movement since 2014. Sagence, previously part of the digital textbook company Flat World Knowledge, was formed to focus exclusively on providing leading-edge competency-based education technology and services to colleges and universities.

As the needs of students, educators, and society evolved, the company set out to meet new and emerging needs by creating a sophisticated cloud-based learning platform; working with innovative colleges and universities to develop and deliver student-focused, affordable CBE programs.

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3. Detroit Catholic Central High School Simplifies eContent Delivery and Use for Students

Since 1928, Detroit Catholic Central (DCC) High School has given 9-12 grade boys in the Michigan area a quality college preparatory education guided by their motto: "Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge." In the present day, the school's 1,100 students get a more modern twist on their education — as a 1:1 iPad school, educational apps and digital course materials are an important part of the school's curriculum.

Sourcing the materials from dozens of publishers and content distributors, and providing them to their students in a convenient low-cost package soon became a tall order, however.

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4. Announcement: All of Your Digital Content in One Place

MBS Direct has a long and distinguished history of making course material delivery convenient for schools and students alike. With each new development, we hope to make the student experience even more convenient, and we believe that this latest set of improvements will do just that.

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5. BVCTC Improves Course Material Delivery and Customer Service to Students

When BridgeValley Community and Technical College's 2,000 full-time students attend classes online or at one of the school's two rural West Virginia campuses, they come from many different walks of life.

Some are straight out of high school looking to earn credits at the public two-year community college before transferring to a four-year university. Others are workers who originally graduated from college 20 years ago and are seeking a new certification to pursue a promotion in an engineering or nursing career. Some students have unfortunately been laid off and need to transition into another line of work.

"We have diverse students, and our goals are primarily to assist students with achieving their goals," said Dean of Student Services James McDougle. "To do that, all of our services need to be reliable, whether it’d be our bookstore or our tutoring services."

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6. Check on Your Access Codes, Before They're a Problem

Another term is finally among us, which means schools everywhere are preparing to launch another batch of online courses and the web materials that come with them. MBS Direct is dedicated to making sure things go as smoothly as possible for you in this critical time, so although it may feel like your to-do list is a mile long, there is one very important thing you should make sure you include to prevent some major problems for your students and headaches with your online course content once your term is underway.

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7. Why Submitting Enrollment Numbers Can Strengthen Your Sell-through

It’s a busy time of year for school officials — but what time isn’t? Between the myriad duties you have, submitting enrollment numbers to your course material fulfillment partner might not be at the top of your list.

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8. The Sky is the Limit for Maryknoll's New STEM Program

In the 2016-2017 school year, Maryknoll High School is launching an in-depth, full-time STEM and Aerospace program for 90 students. The program — which is the first of its kind in Hawaii, according to Director of Communications Keenan Kurihara — will be filled from a carefully-screened pool of freshman and sophomore applicants.

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9. How to Get Books in More Students' Hands Before Day One

As the cost of educational materials continues to rise, an increasing number of students delay the purchase of course materials, or don’t purchase books at all. To combat this, the ability to include books in students’ course material fees is gaining a significant amount of discussion in the academic world.

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10. University of Jamestown Bookstore Goes Online, Simplifies Fulfillment

As a private four-year liberal arts university in North Dakota, the University of Jamestown has long sought to provide students with a quality education. The school's approximately 1,000 full- and part-time undergrad students attend classes in degrees ranging from education and accounting to engineering and biochemistry, and many go on to acquire their Education, Leadership, Clinical Counseling master's and Physical Therapy doctorates at the school's nearby Fargo campus. But the Jimmie Connection, University of Jamestown's retail store, knows what it's like to face stiff online competition.

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