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Go Mobile – It’s Where Your Students Are - (Part 2)

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Feb 24, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Yesterday we learned about the 222 million people in the United States carrying smartphones and how more of them are making major purchases from their devices. Of the $160 billion being spent from smartphones in 2017, how easy will it be for students to purchase course materials while they are on the go?

Go Mobile – It’s Where Your Customers Are

Where are you?

With the increase in mobile spending, the amount of abandoned online shopping carts is at its highest level. There are two primary reasons: price shopping and websites making the shopping experience difficult.

More than half of business websites are not optimized for use on a mobile device. For clarification, just because a website shows up on a mobile web browser doesn’t mean it’s “optimized.” When optimized for use on a mobile device, the screen automatically scales and is easy to read on a phone or tablet with any screen size; the user does not need to “pinch/zoom” to read your content.

An optimized website makes it easier for students to see what materials are required and order in a snap. Otherwise, students leave your site and move on to others — often the ones run by large companies specializing in everything from hats, cars and now course materials.

How can you serve today’s student?

Students will always shop for the best deal. The more time they shop, the greater the chance of them not being able to acquire the materials they need on time. A potential solution is transparency showing multiple prices, offering multiple purchasing options and how they compare with each other in real-time.

A customer-centric website ensures students have the materials they need when they need them and doesn’t abandon their online shopping carts. Understanding how much eCommerce is being carried out on a mobile device leads to developing a streamlined site that has a mobile-friendly appearance and takes the user through the purchasing process quickly and smoothly. An Online Bookstore with the flexibility of student financial aid as a payment solution adds further utility for students seeking to save money and enjoy flexibility.

The Marketplace option gives students the opportunity to see costs from additional vetted vendors, find the best option and save up to 95% in the process. Ease, speed and convenience, the key needs for today’s mobile shopper, all met with a single website. 

Clear instructions, a guided process and few clicks make the online purchasing experience less cumbersome. Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, saw the value of having a virtual bookstore and how the simplified ordering process helps their students. The Online Bookstore gives their students flexibility in their purchasing options with complete transparency, offers a streamlined process and allows students to use their financial aid, something most other websites cannot do.

The proper mobile optimized site with flexible payment options makes the course material purchasing process easy and flexible for the students; ensuring materials can be in their hands when they need them removing a barrier to success.

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