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Get Ready for Pi Day

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Mar 11, 2015 11:00:00 PM
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So what Pi Day is on a weekend this year; that doesn't mean that your school can't celebrate it! Pi Day is perfect day to blend math with fun classroom activities, which is why we wanted to share these fun Pi Day ideas with you. Check out this article for the full list, or simply consult the excerpt below. Be sure to let us know how you plan to celebrate!


Scholastic Pi Day Teaching Ideas

Scholastic produced this list of plans for three different grade spans: preschool - grade 1, grades 2-3, and grades 4-6. The page features interesting information about the history of pi, ideas for activities and a link to a web application for exploring the music of pi. Another great Scholastic resource is: "Writing With Pi."

PBS LearningMedia Pi-Related Resources

PBS LearningMedia features a great collection of geometry lessons related to pi on their site. These aren't specifically for Pi Day, but they're especially relevant on March 14. Plus, for more math and pi-themed lessons, OER Commons has curated more than 100 resources from a variety of sources.

What Is Pi, and How Did It Originate?

Scientific American dug deep into the history of pi in this article, offering an insightful look at the origins of the mathematical constant.

TeachersFirst's Pi Day Resources

TeachersFirst offers this great roundup of pi-themed lessons and resources from around the web, focused primarily on high school. Included in the collection are some general math resources, like Simpsons Math, and they all come from a variety of great sources.

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