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Saving Students Money with Rental: An FAQ

Posted by Dean Asher on Aug 25, 2016 5:30:00 AM
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Rental is no longer a perk — it's an expectation. Increasing course materials costs is a major concern for financially-strapped students. Rentals provide students with an additional cost-savings option. Students in search of lower prices turn to third-party rental solutions when their school does not offer the option. Through third-parties, students might not get the correct course materials, the best price or dependable service. With MBS Direct, it is easy for schools to offer students convenient and affordable rental options.

Saving Students Money with Rental: An FAQ

The Client Services team will work with your school to learn your unique needs and expectations. They will help you understand the process and the benefits MBS Direct's rental program provides. If you have questions, please contact your account manager or

Frequently Asked Questions About Rental

How much can rental save students on course materials?

Rental can save students more than 60% off the list price of a new title and provide discounts up-front.

How do students rent course materials from MBS Direct?

Students rent course materials through the Online Bookstore. When applicable, rentals will be listed as an option along with new, used and digital books. Students select the format of their choice and check out as they would with any other order.

How do students return rental books?

A reminder email will be sent for each rental. Students log into their MBS Direct account to access their order history at the end of the rental period. A prepaid shipping label can be printed off to return their books.

What does the rental cycle look like?

The rental term begins once the book is delivered. At the end of the term, the student will send the book back with a prepaid postage label. The rental term is paused as soon as the courier scans the package and ends once the return is processed.

How do students pay for the rental books?

Students can pay for their rental books with a credit card, debit card or student financial aid backed by a credit or debit card. The card’s expiration date must be after the rental term.

What if a rental book is not returned on time?

If a book is not postmarked, or the prepaid UPS label scanned into the UPS system, by the end of the rental term, students are charged based on the terms of service they agreed to when completing their rental purchase.

How can I market rental to students?

MBS Direct provides marketing materials and strategies to help spread the word about the course materials options available in your Online Bookstore. Specific to rental, we offer stylized print materials to distribute on campus or by mail, rental brochures and a variety of automatically-generated electronic materials, including rental return reminders to minimize the risk of non-returns and late return extension charges.

How is the duration of the rental term calculated?

MBS Direct does not force schools into rigid, one-size-fits-most rental cycles. The rental length is customized to the course term dates, ensuring students have time at the end of the term to return their rental titles without sacrificing the course materials they need to study for finals. Rentals are due seven days after the end date of the class.

Will rental title information show up in Service Center?

Yes, you can review which titles your students have rented — along with all of your online adoptions, SFA voucher information and other important data — in Service Center.

Can schools request titles be excluded from rental?

Yes, your account manager will provide a listing of all titles eligible for rental through your Online Bookstore. From there you can select the titles you want to make available to your students.

What are the return condition requirements?

The requirements are the same as the buyback requirements. Visit our Textbook Conditions Guidelines to learn more.

If you have additional questions or are interested in implementing rental at your program, please contact your account manager or

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