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Facts101 and GradeBuilder Now Available Through MBS Direct

Posted by Dean Asher on Jun 17, 2015 2:10:00 PM
Topics: Higher Ed, K-12

MBS Direct is committed to providing a robust, innovative and interactive digital content experience for its partner institutions and their students. That’s why we’ve partnered with Content Technologies, Inc. (CTI) to provide Facts101 and GradeBuilder, two study supplements available through VitalSource® that are automatically generated from their companion texts.


Facts101 E-study guides give students chapter notes and course outlines that are automatically generated from the textbooks and course materials they use for their classes. Students can also take practice tests to further their understanding of the material and recognize areas in which they need to focus their studies.

CTI is working with a list of MBS Direct’s top digital titles to provide study guides, practice tests and other useful tools for your students to order in the Online Bookstore. Like your other digital titles, Facts101 E-study guides are available through VitalSource. Facts101 are simple study guides that highlight the terms, phrases and concepts in the related course materials, allowing students to more easily study and retain key concept.

Facts101 will accompany hundreds of titles available through MBS Direct. Students will be able to log into their Online Bookstore to see these materials listed alongside their partner title at the time of checkout. And since students use their Facts101 guides through VitalSource, they gain the same access to their study guides anywhere, any time on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.


In addition to Facts101, MBS Direct is offering CTI’s GradeBuilder. GradeBuilder is an online study tool that uses core concepts from published texts to help students learn. While students will be able to purchase GradeBuilder like an eBook that they access through the Digital Content Bookshelf in your Online Bookstore, GradeBuilder is its own standalone platform.

While both Facts101 and GradeBuilder are generated by pulling the important information from the course materials adopted for your classes, what differentiates GradeBuilder is that it comes complete with interactive quizzes, review questions, flash cards and other valuable study tools generated from the key concepts in your course materials to further help students test their knowledge and improve understanding of the material.

Ready to offer CTI content?

Making it easier for students to get the information they need out of their course materials has a positive impact on learning outcomes. To add Facts101 or GradeBuilder to your Online Bookstore, contact your Account Manager today.

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Dean Asher is a former copywriter with MBS. Though he no longer writes for us, he is still proud of having helped this blog continue to evolve as an industry-leading resource of news and original content.

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