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Essential Tools for Teaching/Learning with BYOD

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Jun 5, 2015 7:00:00 AM
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Does your school have a BYOD program — or are you thinking about starting one? How do you keep everyone on the same page? According to Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator blog), these seven resources are key to helping everyone stay informed.

Read the excerpt below, then be sure to check out the original post for more information and additional tips for implementation.


  • is primarily a free group texting service. Group texting saves time, improves communication, provides documentation of texts, and sets the stage for easily using many other cell phone tools. With, you can have open group chat, one-way alerting, or a hybrid where curators can approve messages.
  • iPadio - iPadio lets you create phonecasts right from your phone without the equipment or setup required with podcasting. .
  • Poll Everywhere - Poll Everywhere provides students with a simple method to share their ideas, via a poll or free response, right from their phones.
  • Text Engine - Text Engine was developed to offer cell phone users a means to search the eb using their text messaging service. This is great news for educators and students in low-income and rural communities.
  • Twitter - Twitter is a wonderful tool for learning. It can be set up to send or receive tweets using texting.
  • Flickr - Flickr provides a free, easy and efficient way to share pictures or video taken on your cell phone. With Flickr you get an email that you (or anyone you share the email with) can use to send all your pictures or photos to and Flickr makes it very easy to sort and group pictures using tags or drag and drop features. You can make picture or video albums with student work that is photographed or filmed.  
  • Tagboard - Tagboard uses hashtags to search for and collect public social media within seconds of being posted to networks like Twitter and Flickr. Tagboard allows you to take the #hashtagged information and feature it on websites and large displays.
Have you used any of the above in your classroom? What was the result? Share your feedback in the comments!

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