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Email Courses Offer 25-Minute Digital Learning Education

Posted by Jason Smallheer on Feb 1, 2017 5:30:00 AM
Topics: digital content, OER, eLearning

MBS Direct has taken a new approach to educating school administration … sending the class directly to you via email. Understanding key concepts, such as digital content options and Open Educational Resources (OER,) has been a challenge for some, and the free email courses are designed to give you a high-overview lesson in each segment, in five minutes per day or less.Email Courses Offer 25 Minute Digital Learning Education
There are currently two email courses available. The digital learning course offers you the opportunity to learn more about eBooks and courseware platforms delivered through access codes. During the class, you learn more about what they are, their differences and how they are used in the classroom.

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The OER course offers clarity on what makes a course truly “open,” how the platform has grown in recent years, advantages, disadvantages, and challenges, and how you can start using OER quickly.

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Registering for each course is quick and easy, asking only for your first name and email address. Upon registration, your first course is emailed to you the next business day. Designed to be informative and intuitive, each day’s readings are short and concise. To further enhance their usefulness, the content can be shared on your social media channels or passed on to your colleagues via email.

At the conclusion of the five-day course, you take a short quiz and receive a certification badge acceptable for adding to your Linked In profile, furthering your credibility.

New courses are planned for future engagement with the goal of furthering understanding and confidence in the digital learning space.

About Jason Smallheer

Jason Smallheer worked for MBS from 2016 to 2017. His diverse career includes freelance work, broadcast radio and ski resort marketing. He has a passion for sharing ideas, helping businesses grow and professional development. When not expressing himself through writing, he enjoys time with his family and being outside doing anything that can result in scuffed knees and dirty clothes.

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