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Edutopia's Most Popular Posts of 2015

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Dec 16, 2015 4:00:00 AM
Topics: K-12

Edutopia is one of the best resources out there for people in education. Every day, they are putting together interesting and informative articles that speak to the issues and topics that are most relevant to the educators and students in your classrooms. So with the year winding down, they've put together a list of their 10 most popular articles from this past year.

Check out the list below, or give the full article a read here.


10. Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks and Focused Attention

Neuroscientists know that brains really hate boredom. This post outlines 16 simple tips to keep your brain (and your students' brains!) engaged throughout the day.

9. Homework vs. No Homework Is the Wrong Question

The homework debate is a contentious one, but Maurice Elias from Rutgers suggests that it's not homework per se, but the type of homework that separates the good work from the busywork.

8. Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff

There’s a lot of buzz about helping students develop a growth mindset -- but what happens when we bring the idea of growth mindset into the faculty room?

7. Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves

It's easy to give up on unmotivated students, but Larry Ferlazzo's teacher-tested techniques help students generate their own connections and discover the relevance of course material to their own lives.

6. Motivating the Unmotivated

This young innovator helps unmotivated elementary and middle school students by pairing them with motivated high-school mentors who share similar interests, creating an awesome win-win.

5. 5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools

Test scores should never be a surprise. To understand how students are doing, you don't have to be a mind reader. You just need a formative assessment toolbox filled with strategies like the ones Vicki Davis suggests.

4. Sometimes Misbehavior Is Not What It Seems

In this post, you'll find four surprising alternatives to standard-issue misbehavior, plus tips for engaging kids differently to help defuse disruptive moods.

3. The 8 Minutes That Matter Most

How do you craft your lessons? See how one teacher has optimized his instruction to activate prior knowledge in the first four minutes, and check for understanding in the last four.

2. The Heart of Teaching: What It Means to Be a Great Teacher

Teaching is so much more than credentials, critical thinking, and content knowledge. While those qualities are important, this post outlines six qualities of the "teacher heart" that separate the good from the great.

1. 13 Common Sayings to Avoid

This rock star was our number one most popular post for 2015 and it's easy to see why. Richard Curwin critiques common expressions, and offers better, more effective, and student-centered responses.

Are there other Edutopia resources that you have found especially helpful this year? Please share them in the comments.

We wish you the best this holiday season!

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