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Ed Predictions for 2015

Posted by Dean Asher on Jan 18, 2015 10:00:00 PM
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With the new year comes new opportunities, industry standards and challenges for students and educators. This early on, there are also a lot of predictions about what some of those things will be. NPR talked with education professionals and compiled some of their biggest predictions for 2015. You can check out some here, and see the full list on NPR's education blog.

Source: LA Johnson/NPR

Source: LA Johnson/NPR

Blended Learning As A Daily Practice

One thing American schools traditionally have is staying power. While they educate a different population than a century ago, the schools and classrooms are organized much the same. Yet that's starting to change. Blended learning — coupling technology based-instruction with live instruction — is evolving from an idea that was mostly hype to a daily practice for students in all kinds of public schools.

Andrew Rotherham
Bellwether Education Partners, a nonprofit consultancy

More Scrutiny of Student Data

In response to fears about student records becoming the proverbial permanent record, there will be more examination, and perhaps increasing regulation, of how long information should be retained in a way that can be associated with an individual student. We'll see more companies responding to public concerns, like Google's response to concerns about its scanning of student emails in Google Apps for Education, Class Dojo's decision to retain student records for only a year, or the Microsoft-led student privacy pledge,

Elana Zeide
Privacy Research Fellow, Information Law Institute, New York University

Broader Disclosure On Student Loan Defaults

The gainful employment rule [which seeks to regulate for-profit colleges' access to federal student aid] may turn into a disclosure rule [requiring all colleges to report their student loan default rates]. I could see that gaining a little more traction. Everyone likes the idea of accountability.

Kevin Kinser
Associate Professor, SUNY-Albany, and an expert on for-profit colleges


Transition For The Online Education Space

"Snackable" learning will become a large part of the online education menu. The industry will start to figure out how learning best fits into the small spaces and snippets of time in people's lives. Online courses will allow users to dive deep OR get information in bite-size pieces. Mobile will be front and center in the morsel movement.

Andrew Wait
President of

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