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Devon Preparatory School Fuses Old and New

Posted by Liz Schulte on Jul 17, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Devon Preparatory School holds its students to the highest academic standards. Students are challenged to step outside of their comfort zones to explore their capabilities and develop their expectations guided by intellectual curiosity. Creating a dynamic relationship between tradition and modern developments, the school uses technology to boost the student’s learning process while maintaining the pillars of classic education. When it came time to modernize their course materials process, MBS Direct was a natural fit.

Devon Preparatory School Fuses Old and New “The partnership with MBS Direct came out of need — as most good things happen,” Devon Preparatory School Director of Operations Jennifer Gregory said. “An area that was neglected was our booklist. We weren’t using a dynamic form of record keeping. We were still using a spreadsheet, and we had to make a change.”

The school needed to minimize errors and provide students with a less frustrating ordering process, so it sought a partner who could streamline adoptions and provide the type of support their students and families expect. 

"Kelsey [Lawson], whom I deal with most, is great. When I call her to ask for a change, it's done in five minutes," Gregory said. “I have been really impressed by the responsiveness of everyone I have talked to at MBS Direct. Also, the digital marketing and paper marketing have been really good as well. Postcards are sent to parents; we can get table cards and business cards to pass out. That’s been really great.”

Devon Prep also wanted to provide students with more course materials options so families can choose what would be the best fit for their budgets.

“We needed a website that was going to allow students to have different options. If they wanted to buy a used book, they could do that. Or, if there was a rental alternative, they could do that instead. Or an eBook,” Gregory said. “MBS Direct gave us all of those options as well as the ability to hop outside and buy it on the marketplace. We really think about what’s best for the students and their parents. All of our decisions are made that way.”

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