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Detroit Catholic Central High School Simplifies eContent Delivery and Use for Students

Posted by Dean Asher on Jul 10, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Since 1928, Detroit Catholic Central (DCC) High School has given 9th–12th grade boys in the Michigan area a quality college preparatory education guided by their motto: Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge. In the present day, the school's 1,100 students get a more modern twist on their education — a 1:1 program. As an iPad® school, educational apps and digital course materials are an important part of the school's curriculum.

Detroit Catholic Central High School Simplifies eContent Delivery and Use for Students

"We used a lot of different systems to deliver our digital content to students, including making use of Amazon and a number of other publishers," said Craig J. McMichael, DCC technology integrationist and social studies teacher. "Some of those didn't work as well as others. It wasn't always a clean process distributing content to students so the students could get in and access it."

DCC started working with MBS Direct on a trial basis to handle access code delivery to students. After seeing the difference in ability to find and deliver digital content, DCC began a full partnership with MBS Direct as its official course material fulfillment solution for the 2016-2017 school year.

"MBS Direct did a nice job of picking up the pieces and providing streamlined digital content to both our students and teachers," McMichael said. "MBS Direct offered a solution where we could minimize a number of variables, including various publishers and accounts that our students will have to remember, while making sure our kids have their content so we can begin instruction."

In addition to some physical textbooks, DCC students received various iOS apps, access codes and other general digital educational content to complement their eBooks through MBS Direct.

"It’s a one-stop shop," McMichael said. "Seventy-one classes used MBS Direct to get digital content in some way, shape or fashion. That allows us to have our own personalized bookstore portal where every student has the ability to go in, download their own digital content and not get bogged down or lost in other websites and variables."

The school also utilizes Direct Success, where DCC provides MBS Direct with its students' class schedules and students are automatically provided with the course materials they need. 

"One of the unique features that sets our school apart is that our students don't see a textbook bill," McMichael explained. "We are providing that content for them as part of their education, so we want to make sure that it is delivered as seamlessly as possible through MBS Direct."

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