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Cheverus High School Serving Their Community

Posted by Liz Schulte on Feb 27, 2017 5:30:00 AM
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Teaching students the importance of community service comes front and center for Cheverus High School in Portland, Maine. The school consists of a population of diverse economic, ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds who pride themselves on embracing the Jesuit tradition of giving back. When problems with their old course material partner grew, they sought out a company who would be committed to serving their needs.

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Founded in 1917, Cheverus High School is an inclusive Jesuit college preparatory school. Their founding principle of providing students with superior educational and spiritual growth prepares the young men and women who study at Cheverus to take their place in the world by fostering intellectual, spiritual, physical and personal excellence throughout their education.

“The Jesuits are a mission and teaching order of Catholic priests,” said Michael Komich, business manager for Cheverus High School. “They have been around for more than 475 years. They have been here at Cheverus for approximately 75 years as the leaders of the school.”

As part of the Jesuit Schools Network of North America, Cheverus embraces the Catholic Church’s commitment to social justice and the Jesuit mission to create leaders in the service of others. This mission underscores many intellectual and spiritual pursuits at the school. Each student is required to provide two days of service as freshman, 50 hours of independent volunteering and complete a 120-hour community service commitment their senior year, The Arrupe Service Projects — named for Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, a former Superior General of the Society of Jesus.  Cheverus not only encourage their students to be community-minded, but it leads by example. Cheverus High School has awarded over $2 million in financial aid to their students and cares deeply about making the cost of education affordable to everyone.

“There is a free shipping window with MBS that is important,” Komich said. “More than two-thirds of our families receive tuition assistance for the school, so price sensitivity is a big concern. Rental programs and used book opportunities are also a prime consideration.”

Another factor in choosing why to switch to MBS was service. The lagging delivery of teacher resource materials, slow resolution of problems with orders and inventory management issues led the school to look for a new provider who would improve the service they offered their families.

“There is nothing more frustrating to a school administrator than when you are told a particular title is in a distressed inventory condition,” said Komich. “We felt comfortable that this was something that MBS had worked through pretty rigorously and that we were not going to have parents in stock-out situations.”

They determined MBS was a service-oriented organization after hearing validating references from other schools.

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