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Cardinal Spellman Simplifies Their Bookstore

Posted by Joe Clarkin on Jun 8, 2015 4:00:00 AM
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Founded in 1959, Cardinal Spellman High School has spent the last 56 years educating students in the heart of the Bronx, New York. A private, co-education Catholic school, the school consists of approximately 1400 students between grade 9 and 12. In an effort to accommodate those students’ needs, Cardinal Spellman is making the switch to MBS Direct for their course material fulfillment.


This change is a relief to the school's controller, Liz Healy and the rest of the staff. Until choosing MBS Direct, Cardinal Spellman had spent the last few years operating their own in-house bookstore, which was not a success. "It became an unmanageable situation," Healy said. "We spent so much time on the phone with parents trying to resolve issues that other work was not being accomplished."

With the change to an online bookstore, Healy is confident that those problems are a thing of the past. “An online bookstore will cut down on our stocking issues. I’m confident that MBS’ customer service will solve any issues [students] may have,” she said.

When asked why they made the choice that they did, Healy said that another school in the area, Cardinal Hayes, was the main inspiration. The Spellman staff saw the success that Cardinal Hayes had had with MBS Direct, and after some discussion, came to the decision that they could have a similar experience.

Overhauling their textbook distribution is not the only major change that Cardinal Spellman is going through at the moment, as the school is rewiring the entire building in order to improve their Wi-Fi. A consequence of this decision is the possibility that Spellman will become a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) school, and with that, have more students use digital textbooks, though the finalization of that decision is still likely a few years off.

Regardless, Healy is more than satisfied with the decision that has been made, and says that the rest of her staff echoes that sentiment. “[The staff] is very happy, especially because we had so many so issues in the past with books not arriving on time,” she said. “We're excited for the students to have everything they need on the first day of class.”

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